Articoli su operazioni di valutazione Scarica
Comparaison entre les évaluations de deux systèmes éducatifs pour comprendre comment mieux évaluer et comment utiliser aux mieux, pour tous, les évaluations. Intervento con Angelo Bertoletti al convegno CIEAEM 54 Luglio 2002

We present a comparison between two teachers of two different countries: Adalberto is a mathematics teacher in a secondary school in Italy and Angelo is a mathematics teacher in a secondary school in Ticino Switzerland. Two different school organisations and methods are compared, in order to better understand what happens when a test is proposed to a class by external institution. This commonly happens in Ticino and is putting into practice in Italy. The comparison consists in an introduction and in a conversation.

Evaluating an educational course: a constructivist approach. Intervento con Renza Cambini al II convegno AIRS (Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sui Sistemi, tenutosi a Castel Ivano, Trento, Novembre 2001. In Emergence in complex cognitive, social, and biological systems, Kluer Academic, edidet by Minati, Pessa, 2002

In a course held in August 2001 with the purpose to make the teacher able to adjust procedures based on testing with procedures used in evaluating curricula, an external evaluator has been required to attend, evaluating the consistency of purposes and activities. It has also been asked for collecting the evaluations expressed by the attendants. The external evaluator decided to prepare tools and supports to carry out the constructivist approach. The goal was to introduce new epistemological issues. The idea is that each approach changes nature and borders if considered from the perspective of another one. The different approaches must be considered not alternative, but as a system of solutions to be used depending on contents, objectives, timing, contexts, in which the evaluation process takes place.


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